Lots-O-Objects Benchmark

This sample attempts to draw as many objects as possible at 60 frames.

Before running this test you should turn off as many other programs as you can

If you are comparing browsers

Also see Lots-O-Images.

Lots O Objects - DrawElements

This sample uses the standard drawElements function call, once for each object.

There are 3 types of objects. A sphere, a cube and a cone. They are drawn in batches of 50 to simulate a semi-optimized game. In other words, WebGL is setup to draw a sphere (setting the program, the attributes, and common uniforms), then 50 spheres are drawn one at a time (setting the uniforms that are unique for the sphere, then calling gl.drawElements). Followed by the next group of 50 and so on.

Click here to see some other techniques for optmization.